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Philosophy of Governance 

I share the dismay of most voters when I look at how government is working, or not working, in Washington. We all know the governing process is broken. The two political parties have ceased talking to each other. Mistrust is dangerously high. The common courtesies we extend to each other as neighbors are a thing of the past in Washington, and that behavior is now affecting government at all levels.

The political system is unresponsive and disconnected from the will of the voters. Polarizing candidates with little interest in cooperation and compromise have seized the stage. For the American dream to continue for all her citizens, this polarization must stop.

I believe it is still possible to bring together voters from every community in the diverse First District to create fruitful partnerships with private and government decision makers. But we must start by remembering we are all neighbors and that for a community to thrive, neighbors must respect each other. I have not given up the hope that we can restore this lost civility to our politics, and I never will.

I will search for new ways to engage communities that have been left out of decision making in our current system of governance. I am an optimist who believes it is possible to build a more equitable, accessible and interconnected America for all---one that will finally begin to tackle the many problems facing the country. I truly believe that as a nation we are "better together than apart." If we are to survive as a free and democratic nation, we have no other choice.

I want to work with other dedicated members of the House to craft legislation that is based on data and facts, not disinformation or rumor. I want to work with people who are not interested in personal attacks or power plays.

I am running because I believe voters want a personal connection to their elected leaders. Voters want to be represented by someone who cares about the quality of their lives and who shares their aspirations and frustrations. Voters want a candidate who will sit down with them at the kitchen table and speak the honest language of the American family, not the political language of conspiracy, fraud and deception.