Pathways to Learning

Learning Pathways for All. No longer is a four-year college education the only pathway to a secure and rewarding economic future. We must help young people find, enroll in, and complete affordable alternative educational programs. This also applies to adults who are seeking to change careers. We must offer our citizens a variety of post-secondary educational pathways. Students can be on a college path, a skilled trades path, a public safety path, a military and civil service path, an entrepreneurial path, and so on. We must support institutions offering two-year college degrees, market-driven post-secondary credentials and certifications, and traditional bachelor's and advanced degree programs.


As a former Dean of York Technical College, as well as the holder of both a B.A. from USC and an M.A., I have the experience to provide leadership in the educational sphere; training a skilled workforce for the good paying jobs and employers locating to Dorchester County as we speak