Why I'm Running

to represent you on Dorchester County Council

I'm running because I'm your neighbor, and just like you, I believe that most people want to have a personal connection with their elected leaders. We want transparency in government and to feel that they (the politicians) care about us, our day-to-day lives, families, business, and the friends and co-workers who cross our paths every day. We want leaders who can sit with us at the kitchen table to "get things done".


The way politics is now – frankly, it isn't working. Solutions with strong support from both Republican and Democratic voters don’t reflect in the decision of County Council or even considered by the people in power. The system is unresponsive and disconnected from the will of the voters, in other words, it's broken. The isn't going to fix itself — we've got to fix it together. And we've got an opportunity to do that!


We need to elect people who are committed to solving problems that make working-class people lives better today, tomorrow and the future. That starts with electing people who are willing to work together based on good ideas rooted in facts and data, not on same old political agendas based on personal attacks and self-interested power plays. I know how to do that. I want to work in a bipartisan way to get things done that will make your life better. It's that simple. You deserve a County Councilman who is interested in fighting for those issues that matter the most to my neighbors and me — the things we all want: good and safe schools for our children and building strong families and communities--both urban, suburban, and rural.


“I promise that if you put your faith in me, I will do everything in my power through public, private, community, and cultural partnerships to fix this broken system and make sure your voice is heard. I am open to new ideas and including all the citizens in the County decision-making process. As I’ve done in the past, I will work for ALL the people in Dorchester County. I stand firm on the traditional values of faith, family and hard work, which I learned growing up on a farm in Harleyville. I will use the leadership and accountability skills I learned in the Marine Corps in business to ‘get things done.’ My only bias is the one taught us in the Marines — that is a bias towards action.”


It's time our leaders do the work we elect them to do. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Now! I continue to believe it is this generation of Americans who will craft and execute the plan to make Dorchester County more equitable, accessible and interconnected.